Whilst parusing Bandcamp I came across the rainy day collective recording company, a collective based in Atlanta Georgia and dedicated to the wholesome goodness that is lo-fi/garage pop music. Amen to that. They have 40 odd some FREE downloads as well as a few albums they are selling. I downloaded the free albums and bought the very good album whiskey, trains & angels by the mexico electric. The link for the collective is for their dedicated official site. Here is the link for their Bandcamp home page.Thanks to the collective for the free downloads, wow it'll take me a while to listen to them all.

The overall sound is garage and experimental folk but some other influences of these bands are shoe gaze, psychedelic, blues, punk, and noise. I'll be posting a lot of these albums over the coming months. I thought I would give you the links and you could check it out yourself. There's only one question, how lo-fi is lo-fi?


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