Live folk, Americana, cover, recording of Chicago's Gabe Liebowitz (Dastardly) at Schubas. I am rushing to post this before Pitchfork does a review. I have seen Gabe perform over twenty times and he never disappoints, other than that one blogger, but that's a story you'll hear Gabe tell when you go see him live. So I've heard some of these songs before, and the Smith's cover of "I Know It's Over" is a song you'd expect Gabe to take a lot of license with, but he plays it straight and that makes the song stand out. Love that they put Gabe's banter on here as his stage presence is fearless, and is worth the price of admission itself. My favorite track is the cover of the Dylan song " The Girl From The North Country". There are some pretty passages on his version. To end the album he does his version of "My Way", a fitting finish. Be sure to check out his other band, Dastardly and check Gabe out on Twitter and Facebook. Thanks to Gabe and Schubas, the best sounding venue in Chicago, for the download!


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