Blues, indie, piano Chicago based Mutts. Thanks to Mutts for the download, review below!

Mike, Bob and Chris return with Object Permanence which finds less experimentation than their last album, Separation Anxiety,  and a concerted effort toward a more pop melody oriented sound at times, or as close as the Mutts can come to such a sound. The sound on this album is decidedly less aggressive and loud and has more of a jazz influence to it, which certainly perked my ears up.
"Prizefighter" is the champ to me, which features Yoo Soo Kim (Hemmingbirds) on viola. Such an addictive hook on a love song, from a band you wouldn't associate with such things. "I step in the ring, I let down my gloves, I throwin' the fight, now isn't that love?" Mike sings earnestly. Also blowing my mind are "If It's Hot It Will Sell" which features dual vocals with Mike and soulfully beautiful vocals by Jodi Rosenthal (Lying Delilah). "What Do I Really Know?" is a torch song, Mutts style.
 This sound on Object Permanence , seems like a natural progression, but not one I would have guessed before hand, which is a good thing.  Mike and Bob have completely incorporated Chris' great drums as well adding few more collaborators on  this album.  I wonder what comes next for Mutts sound?


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