Pop, vomit, counry, exp from Chicago based Teenage Rage.  Teenage Rage can have as many as 7 or 8 members, that crowd a small stage and sound like a country symphony, or sometimes the band is just comprised of Will Wholesome (stage name) all by his lonesome. badkitchenmadman is a Will solo album, is a lo fi offering, and it will have humming songs you never thought you would. I am particularly taken with the polka/vaudville infused song "red red walls". Also, the sad country song "as the water runs" replete with yelling and moaning, which is a staple of the Teenage Rage and a favorite of mine.
Be sure to see them live as Will is apt to do anything. Once he said he had a new song to sing that he had been working on. He played said song then stopped abruptly  and said that was as ar as he had finished writing the song!
Thanks to Teenage Rage for the download! I have a tons of concert and interview videos up under the Dedicated Ears name on youtube. Lots of great artists to check out. Here are a couple Teenage Rage videos.
Will Solo
Full/er? band


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