Folk acoustic Christmas from East Lansing's Carter Moulton. Thanks to Carter Moulton for the download!

Acoustic, traditional Christmas folk from Boston's Paige Chaplin. Really pretty Christmas songs. Thanks to Paige Chaplin for the download!

Electronic, ambient, experimental, soundtrack from Ireland based act Letters From Belgium. Thanks to Letters From Belgium for the download!

Casio folk from Portland Maine based Good Kids Sprouting Horns. Thanks to Good Kids Sprouting Horns for the download!

Chamber pop, folk Christmas music from The Bjorklunds. Thanks to The Bjorklunds for the download!

Rock, alternative, grunge, post-hardcore, post-punk, from Brooklyn based Exploding In Sound presents... compilation. I really enjoy the Pile and Speedy Ortiz tracks. Thanks to Exploding In Sound presents... and the artists featured for the download!

Indie, exp pop from Chicago's Greg Gibbs. Another nice set of stream of consciousness songwriting by Greg Gibbs. "It's Been Awhile" is one incredibly catchy song. Thanks to Gregg Gibbs for the download!

Indie, lo-fi rock from Philadelphia's The Plastic Traps. Love the way the mix sounds on this. The opener "Corridor" is an upbeat number that is likely to stick in your head for quite a while. Thanks to The Plastic Traps for the download!

Acid folk, noise pop, surf from Chicago based Temporary Pharaohs. Thanks to Temporary Pharaohs for the download!

Indie, pop, folk, psych pop, post punk from Goiânia, Brazil based Cambriana. I really like the track "Astray" quite a bit. Thanks to Cambriana for the download!

Folk, indie, rock concept album from Bellingham, Washington based Hudson. Dont's come across many concept albums these days. This is a refreshing change. All the better that it's quite effective. I really enjoy "Secure The Ropes" quite a bit. Thanks to Hudson for the download!

Indie, folk, accordion, pop from Boston based Laura Jorgensen. Unique sounding beautiful folk music. Thanks to Laura Jorgensen for the download!

Christmas indie folk from St. Louis based Samuel Fickie. Saw him play with his then band Wyoming Street a few years ago and he has some kind of presence. That comes through loud and clear on the well sung Christmas covers. I hope Sam comes out with a new release this upcoming year. Thanks to Samuel Fickie for the download!

Soul Christmas sampler from Sound Opinion's  Andy Cirzan.  Christmas Soul another mix-tape of long forgotten/ never knew it existed Christmas songs. How can you go wrong with a Soul sampler? As a big Marvin Gaye fan "Purple Snowflake" is my favorite.  I look forward to these unique X-mas samplers every year. Thanks again Andy Cirzan and Sound Opinions (Jim and Greg) for the download! This is a free download, but donations to keep the show going is appreciated!

Electronic pop from Seattle's Friends For Heroes. Josh Ottum is in the group. I had his album a few year back on my year end list. This sound is more minimal. "Lines Never Lie" is my favorite track. Thanks to Friends For Heroes for the download!

Exp electronic pop from Bogotá based Julián Mayorga. Thanks to Julián Mayorga for the download!

Instrumental post rock from Sweden's Oh Hiroshima. Thanks to Oh Hiroshima for the download!
Oh Hiroshima - Tomorrow   is a free download on

Indie folk Christmas songs from Birmingham's Red Rover. Thanks to Red Rover for the download!

Indie, folk from  Philadelphia based Ryan Anderson. The slow burner track "Castor and Pollux" is my favorite on here. Thanks to Ryan Anderson for the download!

Indie,surf, tribal pop from Adelaide's East End Villains. Love the track "They Don't Deceive Me". Thanks to East End Villains for the download!

Folk, singer-songwriter from Chicago's Rob Reid. Rob played a Dedicated Ears Showcase before, so you know I like him. Here is his newest release that features a fuller sound/band. The slow mover "Doctor" is my favorite tracks on here, which features really nice back up vocals by Julie Jurgens. Thanks to Rob for the download! Go see him play live.

Indie guitar rock from United Kingdom based Engines. Love the tone of the guitar on this. Be sure to check out the very catch "Driving". Thanks to Engines for the download!

90's alternative, indie, surf rock from United Kingdom based BEECHWOOD. There is a little post punk influence as well. Catchy 90's styled alternative songs. "When Your Not Around" is my favorite track. Thanks to BEECHWOOD for the download!

Indie, lo-fi, Christmas from United Kingdom based Jimmy The Mouth. Thanks to Jimmy The Mouth< for the download!
Jimmy The Mouth - My Body Is A Christmas Tree is a free DL on lastfm.

Folk, banjo, diy from Gaithersburg based Shipwrecks. Thanks to Shipwrecks for the download!

Folk, banjo, diy from Gaithersburg based Shipwrecks. Thanks to Shipwrecks for the download!

Dream pop, shoe-gaze, goth rock covers of Hole, Julee Cruise, Mark Kozelek, Morrissey, Red House Painters from Seattle's Golden Gardens. Thanks to Golden Gardens for the download!

Indie, experimental ,ambient, electronic, shoe gaze, post rock compilation from Scituate Rhode Island based Deploy Your Senses. Thanks to Deploy Your Sense and the artists featured on the sampler!

Jazz, alternative, indie, folk from Buenos Aires based FerIsella. Thanks to FerIsella for the download!

Americana, diy, folk, post rock and alt-country all influence this schizophrenic (in a good way) sound from Chicago's Shiloh.  Thanks to Shiloh for the download!

Alternative, 90's guitar, indie rock, post punk from Minsk based Sub Rosa Dictum. Thanks to Sub Rosa Dictum for the download!

Gypsy folk from Brooklyn based Twigs. Thanks to Twigs for the download!

Indie rock music from Boston based Emergency Music. Thanks to Emergency Music to Emergency Music for the download!

Noise rock, shoe gaze from Mexico based Yo maté a tu perro. Thanks to Yo maté a tu perro for the download!

Experimental, folk, rock, psychedelic,  noise from Atlanta's THURRICANE FIGHTER PLANE. Thanks to HURRICANE FIGHTER PLANE  and therainydaycollective for the download!

Indie glacial pop from Scotland's Call To Mind. There are also some ambient and progressive leanings on here that make for a really nice sound. Thanks toCall To Mind for the download!

Indie rock with country influences from Austin's Jeff Klein. I love Jeff's music. See him play live if you get the chance. Thanks to Jeff Klein for the download!

Experimental pop, electronica from Santiago based La Monine. Check out the theremin. Thanks to La Monine  for the download! Released 31 March 2011

Experimental, electroacoustic dream pop from Los Angeles based Native Eloquence. Really like "Easy Winter"Thanks to Native Eloquence for the download!

Christmas indie folk with Americana leanings from Boston's Animal Flag. Thanks to Animal Flag for the download!  Thanks to D. C from The Waiting Room Radio Show for the tip. You can hear more songs by cool bands like this on his podcast.

Psychedelic rock, dream rock from Charleston's The Double. Thanks to The Double and the rainy day collective label for the download!

Instrumental, marimba from Rod Hamilton. Thanks to Rod Hamilton for the download!

Rock, alternative, grunge, post-hardcore, post-punk, from Brooklyn based Exploding In Sound presents... compilation. Thanks to Exploding In Sound presents... for the download!

Gloomy lo-fi noise pop from Maryland,s teen suicide. Thanks to teen suicide for the download!

Indie folk, pop from Britain's Wise Children. Thanks to Wise Children for the download!

Acoustic, diy, girl pop, folk compilation from Columbia Missouri based Special Passenger Records family jams girl pop indie Columbia. Of note to me are the tracks by Dubb Nubb, Emily Baker, and Jessica Wilson & Jamie Weems. Thanks to Special Passenger Records and the artists on the sampler for the download!

Bluegrass, folk from Chicago's Odd Folk. Love the song "True to my Word". A close second is the waltz timed "Sorry I'm Arrogant and Obsessive". Thanks to Odd folk for the download. They will be playing at Yellow Book (1007 N California Chicago) on July 15th with Lobo Marino from Virginia. I'll be there come on out. 8pm start.

Exp rock, indie rock from Lima's The Deep Sea Monster. Thanks to The Deep Sea Monster for the download!