Art rock, baroque,  funereal pop. chamber pop from Richmond based Adah. Thanks to Adah for the download!

Ambient, post-rock, shoe-gaze from Orlando, Florida based Alcove. Thanks to Alcove for the download!

Experimental, space rock from Columbia, South Carolina based The Choir Quit. Thanks to The Choir Quit for the download!

Electro, ambient, dream Brooklyn based KNOX. Haunting minimal songs with great vocals. Thanks to KNOX for the download!

Folk, orchestral pop from Middletown's Vermilion Club. Thanks to Vermilion Club for the download!

Post-rock, exp rock from United Kingdom's Voices from Deep Below. Thanks to Voices from Deep Below for the free download!

Pop, piano, indie, melancholia from Gainesville, Florida based Praything. Thanks to Praything for the download! Thanks to DC at The Waiting Room Radio Show, who's podcast I heard this on!

Folk from Los Angeles based Milk Carton Kids. Nice guitar work and harmonies as well as songwriting. "Undress The World" and "There By Your Side" are my favorite songs. Just saw they played on Conan recently, so I've included that in this post as well. Thanks to Milk Carton Kids for the download!I've got the player up here to stream, you can download it HERE

Progressive rock, metal from Brighton based Milk White Throat. Thanks to Milk White Throat for the download!

Baroque pop, indie from Utah based The Split Infinitives. "Prayer #1" is my favorite track. Thanks to the The Split Infinitives for the download!

Sparse, indie, electronic, folk from Iceland based Icelandic Low. Thanks to Icelandic Low for the download!

Exp electro punk from Idaho's messedupcoyote. Thanks to messedupcoyote for the download!

Pop, electronic, acoustic from Santiago Chile based Javier Barria. Yet and still more irresistible pop songs from Javier. The track opener,"No Te Sientes En El Suelo " is my favorite. Thanks to Javier Barria for the download!

New wave , noise, pop rock from Chile based La Reina Morsa. Thanks to La Reina Morsa DiscosNEKOe for the download!

Electronic, ambient, soundscapes from Santiago, Chile based jerome and sylvie. Thanks to jerome and sylvie for the download!
jerome and sylvie - vacinar ep is a free download on lastfm.

Alternative,indie pop from Dublin, Ireland based THE NORTH SEA. Catchy stuff this, most especially the opener, "Decay" and "I've Seen Everything Now". A definite nod to Stone Roses, The Verve et. al, but up dated. Thanks to THE NORTH SEA for the download!

Punk rock, hardcore from Belo Horizonte, Brazil based Crash Playground. Reminds me a lot of Bad Religion, in a good way. "I Believe" is my favorite track. Thanks to Crash Playground for the download!

Alternative, bedroom, indie pop from Austin's Bobee. Thanks to Bobee for the download!

Ambient,  lo-fi, shoe-gaze from Denmark based In The Realms Of The Unreal. Thanks to In The Realms Of The Unreal for the download!

Indie, pop, rock, electronic from Washington D.C based Thunderwerld. Thanks to Thunderwerld for the download!

Psychedelic rock and shoe gaze from Atlanta's Lloyd Wingard. Thanks to Lloyd Wingard for the free download.

Ambient, chillwave, dreamwave, electronica from Des Moines based White Flashes. Thanks to White Flashes and memory networkfor the download!

Lo fi, electronic, acoustic, experimental, folk from Kansas City, Missouri based Micah Buzan. Thanks to Micah Buzan for the download!

Electronic, folktronica, glitch pop, ambient from Wichita, Kansas based The Coma Calling. Thanks to The Coma Calling for the download!

Alternative, experimental rock, math rock, post-rock from Kentucky based Sickroom Records and Africantape. 2 Eclectic labels, one genre bending sampler. Thanks to Sickroom Records and Africantape and the artists featured for the download!

Alternative, folk, ambient, rock from Ohio based Apres Vous. Thanks to Apres Vous for the download!

Instrumental, post-rock from Taiwan based Shimmer Riot. Thanks to Shimmer Riot for the download!

Folk,home recordings, pop, indie from Kansas City, Kansas based Meet The Contrarians. Which is, martin Swank, who has quite a few varied style of music on his page. I like the break at the end of the first track, "Passed Out In A Foxhole". Thanks to Meet The Contrarians for the download!

Alternative, indie,rock sampler from Kansas City, Missouri based Midwest Music Foundation | Kansas City Music. Thanks to Midwest Music Foundation | Kansas City and the artists featured for the download!

Shoe-gaze, 90's indie, pop Anchorage, Alaska based Teenage Daydreams. Thanks to Teenage Daydreams for the download!

Folk, indie, pop from Fayetteville, Arkansas based Little Chief. Love the rolling beauty of "Fields Of Wheat". Thanks to Little Chief for the download!

Experimental, indie, jazz sampler from Africantape. Quite a diversers collection of music here. Thanks to Africantape and the artists featured for the sampler!

Dream pop, electronic, garage, lof-i shoe-gaze from Atlanta based Places. Thanks to Places for the download!

Alternative folk art from Bristol based Meteor Anticipation. Thanks to Meteor Anticipation for the download!

Indie, rock, punk, female vocal, pop from Monterrey, Mexico based Tannen. Thanks to Tannen for the download!

Exp electronic from Philly based dusthoney. "daylight broke us" is my fav track. Thanks to dusthoney for the download!

Post rock from Shelbyville, Indiana based Chiaroscuro. Thanks to Chiaroscuro and futurerecordings for the download!

Rock, pop, female vocals, from Rennes, France based Every Second Monday. The melodic "Dance Of The Bears" is my favorite track. Thanks to Every Second Monday for the download!

Experimental, freejazz, instrumental improvised music from California based Ghost Trees. Thanks to Ghost trees and futurerecordings for the download!

Punk, indie, fuzz female vocals from South Korea based Baik Eun Sol. It's not every day I come across female led punk/indie music from South Korea. I like this a lot. "나쁜 남자" is my favorite track. Thanks to Baik Eun Sol for the download!

Dream pop, minimal, shoe gaze from Stillgazer. Thanks to Stillgazer for the download!
 Stillgazer - Stillgazer EP is a free download on lastfm

Super lo fi electronic pop from Baltimore, Maryland based Romantic States. Thanks to Romantic States for the download!

Instrumental, post rock, progressive from China based Triple Smash. Thanks to Triple smash for the download! Triple Smash - When The Lihts Go Off  is a free download on lastfm.

World, downtempo, eclectic pop from Mexico based Oruga. Love the latin flavor on the song "

Indie, pop, rock from Madrid based Teletransportarse a Soria. "Nubes con forma de humanos" is my favorite track. really catchy. Thanks to Teletransportarse a Soria for the download!

Alternative, indie, exp pop from Rennes based Robert Le Magnifique, Thomas Poli and Laetitia Shériff. Thanks to Robert Le Magnifique, Thomas Poli and Laetitia Shériff for the download!