Instrumentals, piano from from Portland based Podington Bear. Thanks to Podington Bear for the download

Alternative, acoustic, orchestral pop from São Paulo based cellardoor. Thanks to cellardoor for the download!

Alternative, shoegaze, singer-songwriter from Columbia based Cantalouper. Thanks to Cantalouper for the dowmnlaoad!

Experimental, folktronica, latin, lo fi, subtropical from Buenos Aires based Guazuncho. Thanks to Guazuncho for the download!

Alternative, noise, post-punk, psychedelic compilation from Sao Paulo based label The Blog That Celebrates Itself Records. Thanks to artists featured and The Blog That Celebrates Itself Records.

Alternative, shoegaze, ambient, instrumental from United Kingdom based Voices from Deep Below. Thanks to Voices from Deep Below for the download!

Grunge, post punk, shoegaze, slacker rock from Vancouver based did you die. Thanks to did you die for the download!

Latin, alternative, folk from Belo Horizonte based A Fase Rosa. Thanks to A Fase Rosa for the download!

Electronic pop, indie from from Buenos Aires based Los Días. Thanks to Los Días and Fuego Amigo Discos for the download!

Folk, lo-fi, minimalist toy music from Nancy based Tycho Brahé. Thanks to Tycho Brahé for the download!

Ambient, indie, rock from Denver's Matt Nurse. Sparse tracks that maximize every moment. Thanks to Matt Nurse for the download!

Rock, acid folk, psychedelic, exp pop from Nelson, New Zealand based blog and record label The Active Listener. Thanks to the artists featured and to The Active Listener for the download!