Kraut rock/post rock from Barcelona's L'Hautacam. Thanks to L'Hautacam for the free download!

Chicago based folk/country act Teenage Rage play heartfelt songs that draw from 50's doo wop and Western Music as well. It's a riotous sound they make and a wonderful one at that. I love the track "Cinnamon Boy". I've seen them many times and even helped book them at various places. Always entertaining and nice folks on top of that. Check out a clip of them play a Dedicated Ears Showcase at The Chopin Theatre Chicago. Thanks to Teenage Rage for the free download!

Folk/country songs from Indiana's Summer Salt. Love the waltz timed track "Learning So Much". Thanks to Summer Salt for the free download!

Indie with jazz influences from St Louis based Since 1902. Heavy subject matter often results in beautiful sonngs as in this case Thanks to 1902 for the download. Consider donating some $ see below. From the band's bandcamp page "This is the result of death, disaster, and frustration. In the few months it came about, tornadoes ripped through missouri and my grandfather passed away. Serving as both therapy and an attempt to reconcile with a string of horrible events, Tornado Choir is frustration. It's love. It's confusion. It's easy to look at things from the outside, but when you're in the middle of it, it's surprising how real and terrifying it can be. The EP is free. If you choose to pay, a portion of the proceeds goes to tornado relief in my area." 22 July 2011 folk indie indie rock jazz pop rock Saint Louis

More stoner, doom, post metal from Australia's Judd Madden. Every once in a while you need little stoner doom metal. Thanks to Judd again for a sweet free download!

Psych, dream-pop, experimental, kraut-rock from Richmond VA's TUNGS. Loose, loud, sloppy, good. Thanks to TUNGS for the free download.

Chilean indie folk from cerokelvin. Cool to hear the kalimba. Pretty folk songs. Thanks to cerokelvin for the free download!

Indie rock from Chilean band ciudad de nadie. Thanks to ciudad de nadie for the free download!

Australian composer musician Edwin Tejoz plays an array of style of music. On this album he plays post rock and ambient guitar songs. Thanks to Edwin Tejoz for the free download!  Edwin Tejoz - Ambition of The Nuisance is a free download on Edwin Tjoz is a composer

Instrumental post rock from Pittsburgh band Scattered Calm. Thanks to Scattered Calm for the free download!

Acoustic blues, atmospheric,experimental folk, from Sevilla based Marina Gallardo."Climbing The Walls" is a really pretty stand out track. Thanks to Marina Gallardo and Foehn Recordsfor the free download!

Pop/folk from Spain's Miquel Serra on who is on Foehn Records. Thanks to Miquel Serra and Foehn for the free download!

American Green - Beautiful Rain, Beautiful Tears  is electronic music form Japan. This is really beautiful melodic stuff. Thanks to American Green and Lost Children for the download.

Folktronica, indie pop songs from Chilean Cristian Valdivia.  Thanks to Cristian Valdivia  for the free download!

There are some beautiful folk songs on her by The Missing Season and Boy and a few others. I have featured those bands already on this log. Check out this sampler. Thanks to My Little Cab Records and these artists for the free download!

Noise pop/space rock collective Blacanova from Sevilla Spain, whose ep I featured on this blog a few years again. This is their first full length and likes the more serious and brooding songs as on "Los Buenos Dias", my favorite track on this LP.  Thanks again  to Blacanova for another cool free download!

 Foehn Records

Serious, somber, and heartfelt these indie folk songs are. "Winter's Dream" is a great song. Thanks to Animal Flag for the free download!

Thanks to DC at The Waiting Room Radio Show for the tip on this. To hear awesome music like this check out their podcasts. 

Indie rock from Oakland's Coast Jumper. Thanks to Coast Jumper for the free download!

Electronic music form Aukland's Suren Unka. The two songs with Red Panda are really nice. Thanks to Suren Unka for the free download!

Unconventional, but good pop music. Thanks to Space Ghost Cowboys and Shack Attack Records  for the free download!

Shack Attack records is a cool quirky pop label based in Purchase NY. 

From their bandcamp page" Originally Aaron Maine and The Reilly Brothers, the band has switched members over the years, alternating lineups since 2007. The current lineup includes Aaron Maine (guitar/vocals) Jack Reilly (Drums) James Ryan (Bass) Kyle Pollard (Trombone/keys) and Samuel Bennett (Trumpet). Born and raised in Pleasantville New York, a section of Westchester county, Space Ghost Cowboys continue to perform in basements, hallways, and your grandmas living room.

 So, you have most likely heard of Spanish Prisoners. If you haven't they are a NY psych pop, that has plenty of experimental touches.  My jam on Gold Fools is the gauzy "Slow Decay". Lots of dissonance, a good thing in my book, keeps things from getting too conventional.Thanks to Spanish Prisoners for the free download!

Psychedelic, shoe gaze,  exp folk from Chicago's carson mcullers, on the rainy day collective.

The Cedars Two - Funnel  is a free download on the band broke up, but Funnel is a short and beautiful ep. This is a somber affair and the strings are a nice compliment to the vocals. They have a few bonus downloads of songs on the blog page including a Nick Cave cover. Thanks to the band for the free download!

Indie pop/rock from Dublin's Budget of the Shopping Anarchist. Love the name. Thanks to Budget of the Shopping Anarchist for the free download!

90's alt rock from Philly band Goodnight Lights. Check out my fav track "Broken" Thanks to Goodnight Lights for the free download!

Sparse bedroom folk from Asheville's the light and the dark.Check out my favorite track "a stranger and a thief". Thanks to the light and the dark for the free download!

Lo-fi, noise, psychedelic shoe-gaze from underground Chicago act the carson mcullers. Thanks to carson mcullers for the free download!

This is a typical indie music and very good at that. There is some eastern influence on these songs but largely they are a love letter to the quieter glam moments of Bowie and all.  "Home Is No Place To Kill Yourself" is my favorite track.

From his Jamendo page "1969 is a one man band (you may also know him as blue zeppelin) who works in Alternative who does a very impressive job with echoes of early Bowie both in song construction and delivery. Hey, if you are going to influenced by anyone it might as well be someone good right? There again, I did notice that he cites Marc Bolan as an influence and I can hear some of that as well. The music, though, is much more complex than anything the pop pixie would have come up with - much more Bowie. What comes out the other end would come as a major surprise if you didn't know that the musician was Chinese. "

Post rock /nose rock from Barcelona band Nordkapp. Thanks to Nordkapp for the free download!

Indie rock from Richmond VA's Ghost Lotion. "Melon" is quite the catchy song. Thanks to Ghost Lotion for the free download!

Acoustic , lo fi, and soulful sounding songs from Florida's Kat Porter. "Honey,I" is my favorite track. Thanks to Kat for the free download!

Part new wave pert shoe gaze all pop, is the self title album TV Gamma on the very cool Chilean net label Cazador. My favorite track is "La Programacion". Thanks to Cazador and TV Gamma for the free download!

Twin Sisters are at the center of the Columbia folk act Dubb Nubb. There is a charm to these songs straight away because of how memorably unique the chorus of the sisters is. Dubb Nubb's Appalachia flecked folk makes me grin when I listen to it. Listen and find out for yourself. Thanks to Dubb Nubb for the excellent free download!

Folk pop, indie, Latin from NY's Maya Solovey. Her influences are varied and leads Maya to make some note worthy pop music. Thanks to Maya for the free download!

Chicago based Sioum go from extremely loud to extremely loud in a short span of time. Makes the music interesting that way.  Thanks to Sioum for the free download!

 Bloomington, Indiana's Hotfox play a heartland based rock that also has some indie influence as well My favorite track is "Fire" that builds nicely till a loud outburst near the end.  Thanks to Hotfox for the free download!

From their bandcamp page.
"A Leeds based music Site/Zine/Collective dedicated to covering new and exciting alternative music! We review, feature, expose, listen, buy, share, steal, promote, experience, play, dislike and love music!"

Thanks to ForstClick for the tip on this album. Thanks to Musical Mathematics for the free compilation download!

Indie, pop, rock from Washington's  Latristic. From the up tempo crunchy guitars in the opening track "It's Alright"  to the beautiful title track with it's strings this album has really good song after really good song. "Static" is on my short list for my favorite songs this year. My wife and I both listened to this all summer long. This will be in my year end most listened to list.  Thanks to Latristic for the free download!

Folktronica from Santiago Chilean songwriter songwriter Cristian Valdivia. "Mareas" is a beautiful pop song with nice swells of bright music. Thanks to Cristian for the free download!

Experimental, ambient, noise, post-rock from Bogota Colombia's Un silencio blanco. Thanks to Un silencio blanco for the free download!

Folk, gypsy, Roma instrumental songs from United Kingdom act Roma Jonny Band. A first for this blog and in my music collection, gypsy songs. Thanks to Roma Jonny for the free download!

Thanks to Savages for the free download.

Whilst parusing Bandcamp I came across the rainy day collective recording company, a collective based in Atlanta Georgia and dedicated to the wholesome goodness that is lo-fi/garage pop music. Amen to that. They have 40 odd some FREE downloads as well as a few albums they are selling. I downloaded the free albums and bought the very good album whiskey, trains & angels by the mexico electric. The link for the collective is for their dedicated official site. Here is the link for their Bandcamp home page.Thanks to the collective for the free downloads, wow it'll take me a while to listen to them all.

The overall sound is garage and experimental folk but some other influences of these bands are shoe gaze, psychedelic, blues, punk, and noise. I'll be posting a lot of these albums over the coming months. I thought I would give you the links and you could check it out yourself. There's only one question, how lo-fi is lo-fi?

Philadelphia band FAUX PAS plays lo fi garage pop that has some infectious hooks, as on their track "so this is it". Thanks to FAUX PAS for the free download!

This is an interesting mix of musical styles as well as singers. Thanks to Moddi for the free download! From their bandcamp "A creative blowout from moddiband 2010. Contains solo, side and band projetcs of Katrine Schiøtt, Hanna von Bergen, Christine Henriksen, Maja Larssen, Einar Stray, Julie Ofelia Østrem Ossum, Jørgen Nordby Henriksen and Hanna Vik Furuseth. Cover art by Terese Blåklokke."

Dream pop, kraut rock with some shoe-gaze twee from Buenos Aires  indie band rayos y manchas. Thanks to rayos y manchas for the free download. Looking forward to hearing more.