Instrumental, stoner, doom, metal from Melbourne based Judd Madden. Thanks to Judd Madden for the download!

Instrumental stoner, doom metal from Melbourne based Judd Madden. Thanks to Judd Madden for the download!

Melbourne's Judd Madden,plays metal/sludge/stoner rock that's very accessible. Often doom/sludge/stoner music trudges along too slowly for me. This finds a happy medium and they guitar tuning is very cool along with the time signature changes. Well done. Thanks to Judd Madden for the free download.

"Unfold" is my favorite track on here. Big guitar kick and vocals that fit the music. Thanks to Voletta for the free download!

Thanks to Japenese Ash for this free, chilled out shoe gaze.

Ambient pop, instrumental electronic from Salt Lake City based Chen and the Hoax. Thanks to Chen and the Hoax for the download!

Bright guitar based post rock with ambient parts from Salt Lake City based Chen and The Hoax. Thanks to Chen and The Hoax for the cool free download.

Post rock/ambient/prog sampler from the UK.

Gotta love Del. Hip hop at it's core. I never tire of listening to his stuff. Thanks to Del for the free download.

Experimental lo fi pop from Baltimore. Good mix of pop and electronic. Thanks to Romantic States for the free download.

Atmospheric/post rock from the Ukraine. Thanks to Neptune Weather Forecast for the free  download. You can download the album free on their page.

Instrumental post rock, electronic from Russia based Neko Nine. Thanks to Neko Nine for the download!

Stoner/psyche pop with some Kraut-rock leanings from Italy. Thanks to Klaus and Can-d for the free download.

Instrumental indie music from Salt Lake City. Very nice production. Thanks to Dust The Books for the free download.

I am very happy to see this up on Bandcamp. I came across a few of her songs a few years ago, and am now happy to have a whole ep of her beautiful vocals. Thanks to Bobby baby for the free download.

More lo fi exp pop from Romantic States. Very loose sound. Thanks to Romantic States for the free download.
A Shell Is Born by Romantic States

Ambient, drone, instrumental, sound-scape, post rock from United Kingdom based Echelon Effect. Thanks to Echelon Effect for the download!

Post rock with minimalist moments. Nice soft to heavy dynamics. Thans to Boat Traveller for the free download.

Here is a series worth keeping an eye out for which compiles artists from St Louis every month and they also put on a showcase for this every month. Love the Andy Berkhout songs on this.

Comprised of Miranda Rae and Luke Morse, Yay Conifers! play a brand of haunting ethereal brand of indie electronic music that is incredibly catchy. This is a name your price zero minimum download. Enjoy! Thanks to Yay Conifers! for the download!

Here is an interesting blend of art rock, ambient an post rock coming from Venezuela. Thanks to Tercer Cuarto for the free download.

These beautiful and languid tracks use chamber pop, post rock and ambient music styles to create an atmospheric mood throughout this album. Thanks to Stalactities for the free download.

This all has a dreamy quality to it and the instrumentation well thought out. Just wish it were longer.  Thanks to Ocean Boat Blue for the free download.

Laura plays a straight forward folk style that very engaging. She has a new album coming out as well, info on her bandcamp page. Thanks to Dan Snodgrass for the tip on this talented songwriter from Indianapolis.

It's another installment of The Sixty Years War Collective mix tape is based in California and features their favorite artists from around the world. There are plenty of mid-west acts on these comps.  Thanks to them for another great/free download.

Nice folk from Buenos Aires. Both male and female lead and more on the folk with some of the influences of more recognizable Brazilian music. Luz de amour is my favorite track. Thanks to the band for the download.

Some 90's Seattle sound influence for you. Thanks to The Guppies.

Electronic glitch with hip hop beats. Cool stuff from Sydney. Thanks to Thomas for the free download!