Experimental rock , heavy pop from Philly's Ugh God. Thanks to Ugh God for the download!

Quiet folk from Albuquerque based REIGHNBEAU. Thanks to REIGHNBEAU for the download!

Indie, pop, electronic, laptop pop from Austin, Texas based Agent A and Omae. "Western Coast" is my favorite track. Thanks to Agent A and Omae for the download!

Folk and experimental rock from Athens based Kelly Latimore. Thanks to Kelly Latimore for the download!

90's indie rock from Salt Lake City band Starmy. Reminds me a bit of the Toadies which is a good thing in my book. The title track is my favorite on here. Thanks to Starmy for the download!

Experimental, instrumental, post rock from Hannover, Germany based Hermelin. Thanks to Heremelin for the download!

Ambient, drone, instrumental, sound-scape, post rock from United Kingdom based Echelon Effect. Thanks to Echelon Effect for the download!

Cover album of the My Jerusalem song "Sleepwalking". Dana Falconberry is as good as she always is. I also like the What Made Milwaukee Famous track as well. Thanks to My Jerusalem and the artists featured for the download!!

Experimental , instrumental, minimalism, psych folk, drone from Germany based Least Carpet. Simple and subtle and effective. Thanks to Least Carpet for the download!

Acoustic folk from Chicago's Sun Brother. Thanks to Sun Brother for the download!

Exp electronic from Philly based dusthoney. I really like the gtrack "last man on earth". Thanks to dusthoney for the download!

Indie folk from Bakersfield's When The War Came. I originally came across this on the CLLCT site. Thanks to When The War Came for the download!

Indie, pop, folk, rock from Washington based The Nighttime Adventure Society. Thanks to The Nighttime Adventure Society for the download!

Dream pop, goth rock, shoe gaze from Seattle's Golden Gardens. These are some beautiful songs. "The Death Of Lovers" is my favorite. Thanks to Golden Gardens for the download!

Down-tempo, metal, progressive from Manchester based The Construct. The arrangement and time shifts on the opener "Black Horizon" is killer. Thanks to The Construct for the download!

Electronica with hip hop influences from Auckland based Suren Unka. "Faded" is a really cool track. Thanks to Suren Unka for the download!

Exp, folk, lo fi from Carbondale and Austin's The Dingles. Thanks to The Dingles for the download!

Ambient, instrumental, post-rock, progressive rock from Germany's Deep In Thought. Thanks to Deep In Thought for the download!

Acoustic folk, pop from Florence, Alabama's Andy Burns. "Here With Me" is a hell of a catchy pop song. Thanks to Andy Burns for the download!

Indie, math rock, pop, ambient from Kent, Ohio based Strongheart. Love the up tempo prog. popish song "The Road". Thanks to Strongheart for the download!

Subdued indie pop from Brooklyn, based Inlets. Thanks to Inlets and fma for the download!

Alternative, dream pop, electronic from United Kingdom based SPC ECO. I really enjoy the shoe-gaze sound of the "Something Anything Mix". Thanks to SPC ECO for the download!

 Folk, indie, rock from Boise based Mt. Joy. "Simple Things Snake" is my favorite tracks. I originally found this on the CLLCT site. Thanks to Mt. Joy for the download!

Experimental jazz-influenced math/progressive rock from Santa Ana based Time and Energy. The quirky track "Thought Forms" is my favorite track. Thanks to Time and Energy for the download!

Alternative rock, math rock, post-rock from Italy based Ultraviolet Makes Me Sick. Thanks to Ultraviolet Makes Me Sick for the download! Originally recorded in 2006.

Experimental, indie, rock, loops  from California's Technocrat. Thanks to Technocrat for the download!

Indie, dream pop, synth pop from Mexico's Fishlights. "Ice Age" is a really nice slice of soaring dream pop. Thanks to Fishlights for the download!

Post rock from Russia based The Best Pessimist.  The Best Pessimist - Autumn Leaves is a free download on archive.org.  Thanks to The Best Pessimist for the download!

Noise rock, shoe gaze from Mexico based Yo maté a tu perro. Thanks to Yo maté a tu perro for the download!

Indie pop, prog. rock from St. Louis based Since 1902. Thanks to Since 1902 for the download!

Folk, indie, singer-songwriter covers from Toronto's The Mean Faced Boy. Thanks to The Mean Faced Boy for the download!

Experimental electronic, ambient London based Ding Dang Dong by Georgina Brett / Knopfdreher / Moody Alien. These songs are an interesting exploration of the children's song Frere Jacques. I like the almost dream like nature on some of these songs which are slightly unsettling at times as well. Thanks to Ding Dang Dong by Georgina Brett / Knopfdreher / Moody Alien for the download!

Folk from Lexington, Kentucky's supercontinents. supercontinents is Joe Harbison and his guitar."Rooms and Radiators" is a my favorite. Beautiful stuff. Joe had some really cool self titled banjo laden albums out a while back but they are hiding from the internet right now. He is in the band Ford Theatre Reunion as well. Get this now before it hides from the internet too!

Chiptune pop from Lexington, Kentucky based MrWimmer. Been looking for a chiptune cover of Queens Of The Stone Age song "Make It Wit You"? Well Mr. Wimmer has you covered. Thanks to MrWimmer for the download!

Electronica, experimental, indie from Boston's Michigan Rex. Thanks to Michigan Rex for the download!

Indie, math rock, pop, punk sampler from Leeds based Musical Mathematics. The Brontide and Zola tracks are my favorite. Thanks to Musical Mathematics and the artists featured for the download! From their bandcamp - A Leeds based music Site/Zine/Collective dedicated to covering new and exciting alternative music! We review, feature, expose, listen, buy, share, steal, promote, experience, play, dislike and love music! Thanks tom Frost Click for the tip!

Experimental indie, punk from Boston based Yeddo. I really like the dissonant jazz influenced track "Feeling Different". Thanks to Yeddo for the download!

Diy folk, country,from Bloomington, Indiana's Summer Salt. I'm a sucker for the waltz timed stuff so their track "Learning So Much" is my favorite. Thanks to Summer Salt for the download!

Indie rock and stoner fuzz mash up from Italy's Pueblo People. A nice throw back to 90's indie guitar. "Milk Moo n" is my favorite. Thanks to Pueblo People for the download!

Quirky pop, orchestra pop from Denver, Colorado based Mega Gem. Love the raucous loose feel of "Don't Call Me Romantic". Thanks to the gang that is Mega Gem for the download! From their bandcamp page "Denver-based collective Mega Gem maintains the philosophy of "the more, the merrier." because oftentimes the band's stage is filled with as many musicians and vocalists as possible. The band's live shows can include up to 20 musicians, all bolstering the group's happy-go-lucky chamber pop. Always managing to charm audiences with its horn-heavy sound that ventures both into pop and folk territory."

Experimental, improvisation, instrumental, jazz post-rock from Finland based Virta. There's a little bit of quite a few influences on here with an over jazz sound. I really enjoy the lonely trumpet thrown in with the Jazz and post rock. This is not you your father's post rock! "O Males" is my favorite track. Thanks to Virta for the download!

Avant-garde, electroacoustic, folk, hip-hop from Denver, Colorado's pee-pee. "Love Needs a Quivering, Restless, Aching, Fire to Lay Its Head" and it's interesting stutter effect is my favorite on this album. Thanks to pee-pee for the download!

Garage, grunge, lo fi, pop from Bloomington, Indiana based Beaker. "Will Fountain" is my favorite track. Thanks to Beaker for the download!

Garage, grunge, pop from Bloomington, Indiana based Beaker. Thanks to Beaker for the download!

Alternative, indie, post-rock from Rennes, France based We Only Said. Cool mix of 90's alt guitar and post rock.  "Mute" is my favorite track on here. Thanks to We Only Said for the download!

Indie, pop from Chile based Usuales. Thanks to Usuales and Cazador Records for the download!When downloading o this page just double click the image of the album you want to download

Exp folk from Boston's DARK RODEO. Thanks to DARK RODEO and Boston bandcamp for the download! Boston DIY netlabel has a ton of downloads on their page, which is the page this bandcamp link leads to. Though an official facebook page for them I cannot find. Just enjoy the music that ranges from folk to thrash to as experimental pop music as you'll likely find.