Ambient, post-rock from Lyon, France based Un automne à Lob-Nor. Thanks to Un automne à Lob-Nor for the download!

Folk pop, indie, Latin from Brooklyn based Maya Solovéy. Her influences are varied and leads Maya to make some note worthy pop music. Thanks to Maya Solovéy for the free download!

Garage, indie , lo-fi rock from Mexico's The Heavns. Thanks to The Heavns for the download. Thanks to D. C from The Waiting Room Radio Show for the tip. You can hear more songs by cool bands like this on his podcast.

Alternative, shoe-gaze , slow-core from United Kingdom based Hidden Bek. Thanks to Hidden Bek for the download!

Brazilian sampler from Four Quarters. Thanks to Four Quarters and Amazon for the download! 20.20 World Vision - Four Quarters is a free download on

Folk, Americana, blues from Urbana based Jay Bennett. Thanks to Jay Bennett Foundation and Rock Proper for the download! Jay Bennett - Whatever Happened I Apologize is a free download on Rock Proper, a Chicago based net-label.

Acoustic, experimental, pop, ambient from San Francisco based SLOW DEATH. Thanks to SLOW DEATH for the download!

Exp electronic, minimal, from Bogotá based Magdalena. Thanks to Magdalena for the download!

Rock, indie from Chicago based Welcome To Ashley. Thanks to Welcome To Ashley for the download!

Exp, electronic, minimal,  from Bogotá based Magdalena. Thanks to Magdalena for the download!

Folk from Chicago based The Notes and Scratches. Thanks to The Notes and Scratches for the download!
 The Notes and Scratches - Grace Notes is available as free download on the Notes and Scratches site.

Indie, folk, singalong, singer-songwriter from Dallas based The Wood and The River. Thanks to The Wood and The River for the download!

Post rock from Brazil based Gray Strawberries. Thanks to Gray Strawberries and Sinewave for the download!

Gray Strawberries - Violent Skies of May is a free download on the Brazilian net-label Sinewave.

Ambient, electronic, folk, pop from Sydney based Wintercoats. Thanks to Wintercoats and yespleaserecords for the download!

Gloomy, lo-fi, noise, pop from Maryland's teen suicide. Thanks to teen suicide for the download!

Classical, baroque, choral from Vancouver based Vancouver Cantata Singers . Thanks to Vancouver Cantata Singers for the download!

African, traditional from Senegal based Salam. Thanks to Salam and WM Recordings for the download!
Salam - Salam is on WM Recordings as a free download.

Pop , folk, indie, psychedelic rock from Goiânia, Brazil based Cambriana. Thanks to Cambriana for the download!

Electronic, rock, experimental, folk, neoclassical from Italy based label AA. VV. Thanks to AA. VV. and the artists on the sampler for the download!

Indie, alternative, pop, loop from California based technocrat. The title track is pretty catchy. Thanks to technocrat for the download!

Exp, off kilter, indie, from Boston based DARK RODEO. Thanks to DARK RODEO for the download!

Tropical, folk from Brazil based Andreia Dias. Thanks to Andreia Dias for the download!

Folk experimental, progressive from La Paz based Nicolas Uxusiri. Thanks to Nicolas Uxusiri for the download!

Electronic, lo fi, indie, pop, shoe gaze from Brooklyn based Jefferson High. Thanks to Jefferson High and American Buffalo Recordings for the download!

Lo fi, exp, folk from Maryland based starry cat. Thanks to starry cat for the download! Consider consider donating/paying for this download. The worthy reason below id from his bandcamp page, "so this is an album i wrote and recorded solo pretty recently while taking a break from the julia brown studio sessions&stuff. i was initially planning to keep it kind of secret and sell physical copies of it at julia brown shows, since some of the songs might end up being julia brown songs later on. however we found out recently that caroline (our viola player/singer) is sick and has to get multiple surgeries soon. that sucks. also she can't eat cake for like a long time which is awful. caroline's one of my best friends and one of the most talented people i know and it sucks she has to go through this and it sucks even more because i know it's a lot of money to get everything she needs done. i wanted to try and help her with everything so i figured i'd release this album now instead of waiting and hope that if you like it (or wanna be supportive) you'd pay for it. we set it up so whatever money donated here goes straight to carolines paypal to help pay for whatever medical stuff she needs. if you've followed me or my music for a while you know i don't like to ask for money but this is kind of a rare occasion. if you can't afford anything you can still download it but it'd be rad if you shared it i guess so maybe other people will see it. idk what to expect from it but honestly anything helps. thanks a lot. caroline's original quote was that she was "extremely sad" but she asked me to change it to "i am extremely appreciative to any amount donated, no matter how small" - sam

Electronic, trip hop, ambient from Sydney based Slow Country. Thanks to Slow Country for the download!

Indie, punk from Philadelphia based Great Thunder. Thanks to Great Thunder for the download!

Pop, rock from Portland, Maine based Foam Castles. Thanks to Foam Castles for the download!

Acoustic, alternative folk, indie pop from San Diego based A Book About Elephants. Thanks to A Book About Elephants for the download!

Psych pop, weird from United Kingdom based Dana Kunze. Thanks to Dana Kunze for the download!

Dream pop, freak folk, indie from Philadelphia based Norwegian Arms. Thanks to Norwegian Arms for the download!

Acoustic guitar, punk from Korea based doseonghui. Thanks to doseonghui for the download!

Indie, pop, roots, rock compilation from Portland, Maine based Standouts to me are the o'Death and Mount Sharp songs. Thanks to HillyTown and the artists featured for the download! From their bandcamp : A compilation of artists performing at the Belfast Free Range Music Festival in Belfast, Maine, April 27, 2013.

Experimental, electronic, noise, shoe-gaze from Florida based Christian Samuel. Thanks to Christian Samuel for the download!

Instrumental, post-rock, cello, violin, ambient from Memphis based Glorie. Love the strings mixed in here. Thanks to Glorie for the download!

Alternative, diy. garage pop. lo fi rock from Portland, Oregon based Donkey the Lion. Thanks to Donkey the Lion for the download!

Folk, indie from San Francisco based McKenzie Toma. Thanks to McKenzie Toma for the download!

90's alt rock (recorded in the 90's) from Kansas City, Missouri based Sacrifice Isaac. Thanks to Sacrifice Isaac for the download!

Acoustic, indie, from Harrisburg, Pennsylvania based Patricia Wilde. Thanks to Patricia Wilde for the download! license

Instrumental, alternative rock, experimental, lo-fi from United Kingdom based lostcassettes. Thanks to lostcassettes for the download!

Dreamy pop, reverb, ukulele Detroit based Cassie Lopez. Thanks to Cassie Lopez for the download!

Electronic, indie, pop from Portland based HANDS IN. Thanks to HANDS IN for the download!

Alternative, pop, ambient, indie from Brighton based earwig uk. Thanks to earwig uk for the download!

Lo-fi, pop, indie from Brooklyn based Lizard Kisses. The dreamy track "Over and Over" is my favorite. Thanks to Lizard Kissesfor the download!

Indie, folk, pop, psychedelic rock from Brooklyn based backwords. Thanks to backwords for the download!

Experimental, lo-fi, electronic, ambient from Chicago based The Red Alaskan Malamutes. Thanks to The Red Alaskan Malamutes for the download!

Folk, indie, singer- songwriter, slow-core sampler from Utrecht, Holland based Snowstar Records. My favorite tracks are the pretty Kim Janssen track "City Of The Dead" and also the psych tinged track "Sight" by Herrek. Thanks to the artists on the sampler and to Snowstar Records for the download! They have some really cool releases on Snowstar, you should check them out.

Indie, pop, rock from Portland, Maine based José Ayerve. I first came across this album on teamlove library. I have posted this album before but this version has quite a few extra tracks on this version. "Army 2" is my favorite track. Thanks to José Ayerve for the download!

Experimental, indie from Los Angeles based Sunrise Owl. Thanks to Sunrise Owl for the download!