from Joshua's bandcamp page :

From July 24th-July 30th, Jason and Anika and I met up at Mark and Tina's farm in upstate New York. We set up a tent at the edge of their property, and built a make-shift music space with a bunch of instruments and a couple mics hung from the ceiling. We spent our days working outside: weeding, tilling, picking raspberries and apples, planting carrots, pouring concrete, and chasing their son Arlo around the yard. In the late afternoons and evenings we played songs and recorded them. Ani made some brushes for the drums out of pine needles, we had a big bonfire, we sang with cicadas and crickets and birds. It was pretty magical.
released 05 August 2010
Tina Post
Mark Temelko
Phineas Temelko-Post
Anika Balaconis
Jason Eckerson
Joshua Dumas


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