Chicagoan Greg Gibbs offers up a mixed bag on The Lights consisting of indie pop, electronic passages and folk/songwriter songs. Most of the lyrics are straight ahead coupled with a healthy dose of melody. My favorite is "Wasted Plans"with it's happy bounce and laconic electric lead guitar this reminds me quite a bot of the earlier work by The Eels. Greg just keeps driving at that same simple yet effective riff that is accented with some electronic percussion.

The catchiest of these songs is "Most Guitars Is Made Of Trees" that features some nice touches on the vocal tracks with an echo effect as opposed to harmonies. 

I was first introduced to Greg's work by August Forte from Novo. I have been able to hang out with Greg a few times as well and he's a really nice guy (even if if he is a Buckeye).

Thanks to Greg for the free download. Get your below...


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