Genre bending Dastardly return with a 4 track EP Ballads In Blue that is a collaborative effort (artists listed below this post) featuring musicians from some of my favorite Chicago bands. From the vaudeville inspired opener "Sentimental Blue"to the pub like yodel dissonance of "So Long Caroline" this EP is abound with surprises, much like the live shows that Dastardly play. You never know what the hell they are going to do or say or play. Such is the beauty of Dastardly. "From The Water" is a straight ahead ballad that proves the band could take a straight path musically any time they chose. And the gem of this short EP is "Blue Dreams" which features a who's who of the indie/roots scene in Chicago singing the background vocals. This track starts off a weepy traditional county tinged sing along that descends into a blissful dissonance.

Gabe and the band have put this up as a name your price download so you could download for free or donate some money to help them buy some gas for their persistent touring. At the very least make sure to see them play live. Toward that end the band is playing a record release show at Schubas on Aug 30 details and order tickets HERE. Thanks to Gabe and Dastardly for the download and I'll see you guys at Schubas.

Ben White (Shams Band) - viola Tommy Trafton (Santah) - keyboards (tra ks 1, 2 & 3) Vivian McConnell (Santah/Grandkids) - vocals (tracks (3 & 4) Stan McConnell (Santah) - vocals (tracks 1 & 2) Rachele Eve Guastella - vocals (tracks 1 & 4) Emme Williams - vocals (tracks 1 & 4) Shaina Hoffman - vocals (tracks 1 & 4) Choir at end of track 4 includes: Donnie Biggins (Shams Band), Mike Ewing, Paul Gulyas (Shams Band), Yoo Soo Kim (Hemmingbirds), Erin Malcolm, Ty Maxon, Eric Michaels (Paper Thick Walls), Lawrence Peters, Dan Price, Archie Powell, Shirley Rogers (Ami Saraiya & the Outcome, Cpt. Captain), Katie Schell (Paper Thick Walls), RJ Shillaci (Archie Powell & the Exports), Kevin Smith (Cpt. Captain), Ben White (Shams Band), Gavin Wilkinson (Bears of Blue River)


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