Exp folk infused with jazz and tribal sounds from Auckland's Sheep, Dog & Wolf. Wildly inventive music by 17 year old Daniel McBride. This is a self played and recordsd album. Who needs "big studio/record label"? From his bc page "My name is Daniel McBride, 17 years of age, and Ablutophobia EP is the result of 9 months on-and-off recording in a tiny little studio I've managed to set up in my bedroom. I composed and performed all the songs by myself, borrowing various instruments to try and live up to the ideas I had in my head - an endeavour that saw me teach myself cello and euphonium, simply because I'd decided they were essential to the song." Thanks to D. C from The Waiting Room Radio Show for the tip. You can hear more songs by cool bands like this on his podcast.


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