Rock, indie from a Fort Wayne based collection of musicians. Thanks to these musicians for the is album and its very wort while subject matter! From their bandcamp page" This album is a celebration of life. Life in general, but in-particular the life of one young woman named Madelyn Stephenson. She left this planet much sooner than she should have, and because of that this planet will never truly know what it's missing or what she would have done to make it a better place to be. Back to the album, it's filled with songs from independent musicians based in Northeast Indiana that wanted to honor Maddy's memory. They did that in song. These songs are free to download, but if you'd like to donate please donate whatever you can to Maddy's memorial page at The Conservation Fund's website right here: You can also leave a donation right here the money will be forwarded to Maddy's page. Help out if you can, and enjoy some songs by some amazing folks who wanted to pay tribute to an amazing young woman."


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