The free blog gets it's comeuppance, Dedicated Ears Legal Free Album/EP List: Electronic, etc. at Lilly's on Sat. Nov. 10th. The name says it all as this wonderful night of music at Lilly's will feature the Americana indie folk of Shiloh, electronic experimental dream pop of Distribute, electronic ocean pop of Another, and the indie psych pop of Collages. I am really excited for this show as I have been following Collages for a few years and still haven't seen them play.  This bill mimics what my free blog does as it features a number of musical genres. All off  these bands will be featured on the blog in the next few days. This is an all Chicago band bill. Thanks to these bands for playing the show!

A big thanks goes out to Tom Schraeder, who is booking Lilly's,  and Lilly's for being such a great bar and a great host. Also thanks to Jesse from Collages for helping me fill in a few band cancellations with a few great electronic acts as well as coming up with this great poster art for the show!!!


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