Dedicated Ears Legally Free Sampler is a collection of songs from artists featured on my blog. After three years of downloading great legal free music I am still downloading tons of cool artists every day. It blows me away how many fantastic acts there are out there. Help these artists out by going to see them play, buying their merch. Please share this link. Thanks again to all of theses acts for being on this sampler, that really deserve as much exposure as they can get. Thanks again to Gabriela Mejia for the great artwork for the sampler!
 Track List
1)The Black Atlantic - Darkling, I Listen
2) Lupe de Lupe - Às Vezes
3) Infant Color - Arms and Bears
4) Mutts - Separation Anxiety
5) Adrian Juarez - festin
6) Bullets In Madison - This  Is The Night
7) Collages - Like A Paternal Tree
8) Lobo Marino - Golden Flea
9) The End Of The Ocean - Star Crossed
10) il abanico - Stop Calling
11) Hemmingbirds - Slippery Slope
12) Carlos Mendez - NOCTURNO VIGILANTE
13) swarbles - perigee love song in three quarters time
14) Bonesetters - You Are Shaun Gannon


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