Big Blood - Dark Country Magic is a free download on Free Music Archive.  This aptly title album is has a somber tone that is heightened by the psychedelic guitar on these songs.  I love "...Is All We Have" with it's backward guitar parts, hymn like quality.  "Creepin' Crazy Time" features haunting vocals and a crescendo for the chorus that warns of impending doom.  This album needs to be experienced as a whole. There is just enough experimentation within the structure of these songs to hold your attention while wondering what sonic wonder is in the next song. Wow! Thanks to Big Blood and FMA for the free download. Thanks to D.C at The Waiting Room Radio Show, as I was listening to his podcast and heard the wonder that is Big Blood. Check out The Waiting Room Radio Show  site for radio broadcast times and play-lists. You can get their pod casts on iTunes for FREE. Subscribe now.


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