Lizard Kisses is a male (Marc Merza) female (Cory Siegler) duo from Brooklyn that traveled to Vermont to record this album Sleeping In. All the lyrics and lead female vocals are done by Cory and her half-breathed vocal style fits the 'love lost' content of these songs really well. What's cool about this album is that it is does have some mostly instrumental pieces like "Chimes", and "Conair Ocean Waves" that serve as buffers for these songs of 'love/love lost'. My favorite track on here is "Day Waster" which is pretty straight straight forward and has a really catchy melody that is balanced with a stream of consciousness style of songwriting.  There's nice production on this album that brings the vocals to the front - where they should be.  This is a free download on their bandcamp, so please check it out and pass the link along.  Thanks to Lizard Kisses for the free download!


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