From Circuit Tree's bandcamp page : 

After a recent visit to Chicago from Miami, producer Charlie Astro met his match in the form of a young red-headed vocalist with a set of pipes worthy of Astro's masterful, rich productions. Her name is Miranda Rae, and after recording the intoxicatingly fresh and jazzy summer anthem “The Sun,” they decided to name their collaborative effort “Sleepover” – a name that invokes both a sense of the nostalgia of innocence, and that of revelations, experimentation and even eroticism; all of which are essential themes of their music. Astro is a multi-instrumentalist and producer who, at age 21, is already working on a full-length LP on Circuitree Records, readying a tour with Panther God, and putting the finishing touches on his contribution to Circuitree’s forthcoming Universus compilation (featuring heavyweights Luke Vibert & Mike Slott). Having found his collaborative match in Rae, he recorded and produced The Sun.


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