This is a typical indie music and very good at that. There is some eastern influence on these songs but largely they are a love letter to the quieter glam moments of Bowie and all.  "Home Is No Place To Kill Yourself" is my favorite track.

From his Jamendo page "1969 is a one man band (you may also know him as blue zeppelin) who works in Alternative who does a very impressive job with echoes of early Bowie both in song construction and delivery. Hey, if you are going to influenced by anyone it might as well be someone good right? There again, I did notice that he cites Marc Bolan as an influence and I can hear some of that as well. The music, though, is much more complex than anything the pop pixie would have come up with - much more Bowie. What comes out the other end would come as a major surprise if you didn't know that the musician was Chinese. "


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