I enjoyed Brazilian indie rock band Lupe de Lupe release, Recreio EP,  so much it made my year end list. So I was pretty excited to see that their newest album, Sal Grosso, was released a few days ago. I was hooked from the first few bars of album opener "Enquanto Pensa no Futuro"on which the band announces loudly with their guitars what this album is all about. "Às Vezes" is as an indie rock stomper on which it sounds like ten guitars are playing. The guitar noise build up 3/4's of the way through the track is a glorious sound. "Há Algo de Podre no Reino de Minas Gerais" is a punk infused riot of a song. "Pequena", has the most memorable melody of all of the songs on Sal Grosso and is has cheery mid temp bright sounding guitar riff. throughout. On the album closer, "O Que Falta" the sound is slowed down to just above a whisper and proves the range of the guys in Lupe De Lupe.


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