A Book About Elephants - Milk The Moon  is a free download on French label hushrecords.com.  Christina Tsui is this band. These are some bare bones folk songs here that have strong vocals and really good song writing. Look for my post on her new album HERE.  If you choose to donate you can do so at Hush records site.

From her bio : A good slice of her life was spent reading and admiring the watercolor pages of such children's books as Maurice Sendak's "Little Bear" and Jean de Brunhoff's "The Story of Babar," from which the name 'A Book About Elephants' draws partial inspiration. (She also thinks elephants are just really cute.) Christina approaches songwriting much like these books approach storytelling--relying on personal experience, imagery, and small stretches of the imagination to create something simple and close to the heart. With the help of one Podington Bear and his ear for lush, delicate instrumentals, A Book About Elephants is ready to take its music out of the bare-bones bedroom-"studio" and into your ears.


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