Wotienke is a female piano singer/songwriter from Amsterdam. She moved to the Czech Republic and met four Czech musicians with whom she started the band Wotienke.

Finger snap on 2 and 4...check. Upright bass slow groove....check. Softly breathed saxophone....check. Sultry female vocals with a jazz delivery...check. Banjo... ? At first listen the banjo stands out, but it really works on "This Year's Thought", the track opener.

"Skip The Present" has a waltz time and has jazz, folk and classical touches as well. The mixture of the two cultures of the band members really shines here. With all of this going on it's important to remember the heart-felt vocals. The live download is a name your price $0 minimum download on bandcamp. Thanks to the band for that! You can also purchase their debut album Mainland Sailors on the same page.


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