I loved L E N S when Sam first threw it up on bandcamp and I love this instrumental version which also has an acoustic guitar version of "Eyes Open".  Sam also does a wide range of musical creations on his SITE which also includes a cool booklet about the L E N S back story.  This is a name your price $0 minimum download, thanks for the download Sam. If you do download for free, please share the link with others.

Here's what the story behind Lens is in Sam's words :

"Dr. Lovell Mason, a former roboticist and now a reclusive individual of questionable sanity becomes increasingly desperate for knowledge of the outside world and humanities direction for the future. Unable to bring himself to face the now alien world beyond his house, he creates a mixed data gathering robot, whom he christens 'L E N S'.

Armed with nothing but what his disturbed creator gave him, and the task to 'observe and learn' from all that he sees L E N S enters our world.

Will the world accept him?"

I also thought  I would link his original L E N S album he is selling on his bandcamp.


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