The very talented Boris Skalsky's day gig is his band Dead Heart Bloom. He also records under his name in a singer songwriter style on his album First Songs now is creating great sounding string quartets! Can't wait to hear what he comes up with next. Thanks to Boris for the free download!

Boris says about this release: The String Quartet No.1 was originally composed in three continuous movements, to be played without pause. Here, it is offered for download as three separate tracks. The piece is performed by the Sunrise Quartet, Teri Lazar (violin), Kim Miller (violin), Osman Kivrak (viola), and Diana Fish (cello), in a live concert.

The String Quartet is built around an opening theme: the first movement is the theme's introduction over a somber ("doloroso") accompaniment; the second expands the theme in a scherzo-like setting; and the third imagines it as a fugue, ending in a brutal, loud apotheosis before subsiding into the opening movement's music.


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