Here is some nice dreamy lo-fi pop music replete with Nick Principe's falsetto voice. Nick is Port St Willow and based in Portland Oregon. I look forward to hearing more from him. These melodies will grab you quickly. And some of you thought you didn't like lo-fi. Thanks for the free download to Nick! He also has hand-stamped cd's for sale on his bandcamp as well.

You can check out the Port St. Willow blog  for band info and links for purchasing physical copies.

Nicks take on this album : Even // Wasteland is a record about standing in your own way.  The notion for this brief-yet-massive epic rose from the ashes of a different album Nick Principe (the guiding force behind Port St. Willow) began and nearly finished, but came to resent.  After a year spent building this project in his new home of Portland, OR, he decided to scrap everything and start over.  The result is Even // Wasteland, an exploration of honesty and choice, action over thought, all told through the conversations of two internal voices.

Principe’s story is surrounded by violent, marching drums; swelling, mutilated guitars; and a delicate falsetto upheld by a fragile acoustic when it all falls away.  The music reveals the struggle of a person divided, the sounds of a war within.  The four tracks, written as one piece with many movements, were recorded by Principe in his home studio, dubbed “The Well”.  A simultaneous sanctuary and prison for the songwriter, a place and feeling he references sonically and lyrically, building a vivid cave around his voice and fighting to emerge.  But Principe’s story is not his alone.  It transcends his personal experience, speaking to the challenge that faces each of us: to be the better, stronger person we know we could become, if but only we knew how.  As Principe sings in Even // Wasteland’s final chapter (“Wasteland”), “We’ve lived a long time inside of these fault lines, and I’m trying to find my way outside now.”  This record may be the way.


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