Learning Music Monthly - 1.11  September Still  is a free download on learningmusicmonthly.com. Thanks to John and LMM for the download! This along with the Readers album are the first albums I would recommend to nubies to LMM . "CGGF" and "September Still" are my favorite tracks on LMM!

Of this album John says, "Most of this album was written while I was starting to imagine the Learning Music band that would form within the coming months. The songs are essentially the same as we play them live, but here performed entirely by myself. Twelve Tone, with its' tone row melody and chromatic chord changes, is a funny juxtaposition to the other minimalist jams." 

   John Wood is the driver of this bus but there are countless other musicians who have contributed to this great free monthly series. I did an interview with John on the main blog.  The short of it is he gets all of his friends together to make this music in monthly installments. All albums are free. There is a big swing in sound, and you are bound to enjoy at least a few of these albums no matter what you listen to. Thanks to John and the musicians for the great idea and great music!


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