Bryyn (Pinkle) - Houseplants is a free download on the revamped site for aaahhh records.  The latest Bryyn release is now on the very cool net label aaahhh records which has all free downloads. There are some songs on this album that have a reggae vibe that you should check out. I always find /Bryyn's albums interesting, all 20 plus of them. Thanks again to Bryyn and aaahhh records for the download.

Though he used to go by Pinkle, the new name is Bryyn. His music is songwriter based and incorporates folk, pop, electronic and a few other styles at times. His complete library can be downloaded on his site on album at a time, artwork included for free.  If you click the link at the top of this download page you can download all 222 plus songs ALL AT ONCE. Though some of his albums  are on Jamendo, he does have a Donate button on his page , if you are so inclined.  Thanks to Brynn for the great music and free downloads! Please spread the word about his site on your Facebook etc. He deserves as much recognition as possible!


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